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Mr. Raj G Thaker (Mg. Director)
I Mr. Raj G. Thaker (Mg. Director) of V2 solutions at Navi Mumbai an ISO certified organisation of 700+ employees doing software development in vashi India. We are in this business since last 14 years where the implementation is done from our navi mumbai and bangalore office, Our USA office has a top nitch marketing team.

I was suffering from tail bone pain after a fall on my buttock almost 5 yrs back. I had no problem wlaking but pain starts when I sit on chair. That's why it was tough for me to sit comfortably. I didn't get any good solution from many doctors. When I met Dr. Shantanu Mallick in our chapter who dealing with chronic pain, after doing our 1-2-1, I got a solution. He explained about the Interventional pain therapy (Ganglion impar injection) for tail bone pain or coccydynea which is nothing but an injection under X-ray guidance in operation theatre without any surgery in day care basis.

I couldn't imagine it would be so simple. After that treatment, I am sitting comfortably without any problem.

We surely recommend him to all friends and well - wishers who wish to get their chronic pains examined by him and get an proper immediate relief. He ia a low-profile personality and knowledgeable but surely knows his way to the heart of his patients.

With warm regards.

I wish you all the best in your endeavour.
Contact No. : Mr Raj Thaker (9820019641)
Dr Piyush Saxena
I hope that you are fine. I felt the need to remember how I met you for PRP for my continued knee pain. You explained the therapy to me. I searched on internet. I found out that it is a perfect treatment. Plasma Rich Platelet therapy is quite common abroad. Many big hospitals in India do not promote it citing various reasons. But the main reason is that it does not generate big revenue as expected in super-specialty hospitals. I wish to place it on record that you perform the treatment very sincerely with the sole intention to get the patient rid of his/ her pain as quickly as possible.

I wish you all the best in your endeavour.
Contact No. : 9321093210
D.H. Shinde
I was suffering from severe pain in right leg due to slip disc at L4-5. My friend Mr. Gautam Pawar who was treated by you 2 years before suggested me to take treatment from you. So I came to you and you also treated me by ozon therapy at MTR hospital Kharghar on 21/5/2016. Now I got 95 % pain relief within one month.

Contact No. : 9869840937
Poonam, 47yrs/female suffering from chronic shoulder pain for 6 months which was not manageable even after regular physiotherapy and medications. She was given Suprascapular Nerve block in one of the oldest hospitals in Vashi and she got total relief in 3 days.

Contact no: 9820421039

68yrs/female, suffering from chronic shoulder pain for 7 months. Orthopedicians told them there is a full thickness tear of Supraspinatus muscle tear, which one of the major muscles of the shoulder which helps in movement but she has no history of trauma in shoulder. She was advised for surgery. To avoid surgery they consulted me and I felt she doesn’t need surgery as there is no history of trauma. I gave continuous suprascapular nerve block which immediately reduced her pain and she was able to do all movements of the shoulder.

Contact no: 9819627855

V A N Sharma
48yrs, male suffering from chronic shoulder pain for more than a year working in multination company, which is affecting his job regularly. He has been given continuous suprascapular nerve block with regular physiotherapy and his shoulder became normal in 7 days.

Contact no: 9920938472

N S Kamble
54yrs/ obese diabetic female suffering from frozen shoulder for more than a year untreated or not responding to physiotherapy due to severe pain during exercises. She was given Continuous Cervical Epidural Analgesia which given her tremendous pain relief and she could manage to do all the exercises within 3-4days. Now she is absolutely comfortable doing regular exercises.

Contact no: 9768741952
Dr Rita
62yrs/ female herself pediatrician and retired medical administrator of a corporate hospital of Delhi was suffering from severe neck pain radiating to left hand for 10 days. She was not responding to physiotherapy, medical management where as her MRI report was not showing much abnormality by which Neurosurgeon / Orthopedicians were reluctant to go for surgery. I have given her Continuous Cervical Epidural analgesia with local anesthetics and steroids in Fortis Hospital, Vashi which gave her excellent relief. Now she is quiet comfortable doing all her day-to-day activities.

Contact no: 8080429555

36yrs/female suffering from cervical radicular pain radiating to right hand with right chronic shoulder pain. She was given cervical epidural analgesia for 3 days. Her both problems were solved.

Contact no: 9833661913

Narendra Kaur
45yrs/female suffering from continuous cervical radicular pain on left side where MRI was showing disc bulge and nerve root compression at C5-6 and C6-7 level. She was given cervical epidural steroid injection which gave her excellent relief and no need to do surgery.

Contact no: 9029115494
M R Ramsundar
52yrs/male suffering from chronic back pain restricted to mid portion of the back which is not radiating to legs. He had a history for sudden jerk during driving on a big bumper on the way going to Goa 4 yrs back. His x-ray was showing old compression fracture at the first Lumber vertebra. His pain was basically for Facet joint pain from that vertebra which give pain during bending, standing or turning in bed. It is really tough to treat these cases as we can’t replace the vertebra. We can only stop the pain sensation which is coming from facet joint. For this I have given facet joint block by Radio-frequency ablation. He is very much comfortable for last 8 months.

Contact no: 9820971651
45yrs/female suffering with low back pain radiating to right leg and MRI lumbar spine shows disc bulge at L4-5, L5-S1 with L5 nerve root compression. She was given Transforaminal Epidural Steroid injection at L4-5 and L5-S1 level which gave her excellent relief and no surgery required.

Contact no: 9987795684

40yrs/female was suffering with low back axial pain for 10yrs, pain increases with standing and reduces with lying down, MRI show disc bulge at L5-S1 and S1 nerve root compression, facetal arthropathy. She was given Ozone Discolysis at L5-S1 with Bilateral Transforaminal Epidural Steroid inj at L5-S1 with Si nerve root block and facet joint block. She is now doing her all day-to-day activities without complains.

Contact no: 9833161226

62yrs /male suffering with Myasthenia Gravis, a dreadful musculo-skeletal problem and known case of diabetes, hypertension having severe low back pain not radiating to legs. He was totally bedridden for 4 months even after extensive treatment in Bombay Hospital he is not getting any improvement in low back pain which restrict him turning in bed or pain during bending. After once diagnostic facet joint block he got tremendous relief and then it is continued by Radio-frequency ablation therapy. He is improving much from earlier condition.

Contact no: 9322202820
63yrs/female (unwilling to put name) was suffering from peri-anal pain for 4 years. She became panic to sit straight and she always lies down or sits in one side. She had a history of surgery in anal canal 4 yrs back and pain started from then only. Recently Orthopedicians as well as Surgeons have seen no abnormality as such which needs resurgery. No medical treatment was supporting her. She was given Ganglion Impar Block which gave her almost 90% pain relief for last 3 months and now she is comfortable sitting properly.

38yrs/female, suffering from tail bone pain for two years. She had a history of fall on back and x-ray sacrum was showing there is an anatomical change in coccyx which gives her pain during sitting. This condition is tough to manage by surgery or by medicines. Only Ganglion Impar block can helped her almost for an year. Till today she is comfortable.

Contact no: 9821624323
55yrs/female suffering from CA rectum met to liver lung but not bones, LBP, generalized body pain, perianal pain. She was not tolerating morphine. She was given Superior Hypogastric plexus block and Ganglion Impar block by absolute alcohol. Now she is now much comfortable and peacefully lives for her life.

Contact no: 27713112

63yrs/male suffering from pain in upper abdomen, H/o CA lower part of esophagus and stomach, back pain also, ? Bone metastasis. He is not tolerating morphine at all. He was given Splanchnic Nerve Block by absolute alcohol. He is quiet comfortable now at the end of his life.

Contact no: 9594934617
21yrs/female was suffering with severe foot pain and her foot was getting gangrenous in short period due to total blockage of a major artery (arteria-dorsalis-pedis) due to unknown cause. She was getting so much pain that she was trying to commit suicide. Almost suffering after 10days she was brought to me and pain was initially relieved by Continuous Epidural Analgesia and Lumber Sympathetic Block. All medical treatments as well as angioplasty of foot also didn’t give any support rather than deterioration. She was only given multiple sitting of Lumber Sympathetic Block which totally cured her foot saved from amputation.

Contact no: 8976176443

55yrs/female suffering from gangrenous changes in right middle finger due to vascular insufficiency (? Raynaud’s phenomenon). She was given repetitive Stellate ganglion block by local anesthetics and steroid. Her resting pain tremendously reduced and gangrenous changes couldn’t increase which saved the rest of the fingers and hand amputating the limited dead part of one finger.

Contact no: 9820924668
25yrs/male suffering from post-hernia surgery pain on right lower part of abdomen where the surgery has been done one year back, severe pain on the surgical incision site (allodynia) with touch also, pain is also radiating to the right groin. He is scared to marry which may affect his sexual life. He was given continuous Lumber Plexus Block for 5days with neuropathic medicines which gave him more than 80% relief.

Contact no: 9930893810

38yrs/female suffering with pain on abdomen on the operative site after hysterectomy, pain on right leg radiating in nature, low back pain, operating was done 8 months back. Surgeons, Orthopedicians, Neurologist didn’t find any major abnormality to treat. Diagnostic laparoscopy surgery was performed to see any problem in abdomen after hysterectomy. Sometime it was thought that she needs counseling. But she was given Lumber sympathetic block and local infiltration with local anesthetic and Steroid and abdominal exercises. This is one kind of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. She is now quiet comfortable.

Contact no: 9167206193
Subhash, 58yrs/male suffering with pain after CABG on the right side of the chest and surgical areas for one year. He was given Thoracic Epidural / Thoracic Paravertebral Block with local infiltration with local anesthetic and steroid by which he is now very much comfortable. These are all due to nerve entrapment or neuritis from surgical injury.
Dr Neera (Radiologist)
40yrs/female, suffering from severe pain due to right-sided multiple # ribs (T2 to T8) after she fell down in bathroom. She was getting too much difficulty in breathing and lying down. She was in sitting position for 2 days with minimal movements. Regular pain killers were not effective. She was given Continuous Thoracic Epidural for 7 days. With thoracic epidural analgesia she was sleeping as well as walking around the ICU comfortably.

Contact no: 8291231670
Rekha Panthe
58yrs/female, suffering from unilateral facial pain for many years. Trigeminal neuralgia pain is characterized by sharp shooting pain in one side of the face comes suddenly with some activity of mouth or face like chewing, sheaving or rubbing and pain stay for few minutes only and disappears for many days. In this was frequency of pain increases. This is due to some nerve pathology of Trigeminal nerve which supplying the face on both side. Most commonly effective medicine is Carbamazepine. If medical treatment fails then Trigeminal nerve Block by Radio-frequency Ablation is the most effective. Sometimes Neuro-surgery also helps. She was given Trigeminal nerve Block by Radio-frequency Ablation technique by which she is almost free from pain for last one year with minimal numbness on face which is manageable as there is no pain.

Contact no: 9820499943

58yrs/male suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia ophthalmic division (V1) for 30 yrs. He was ultimately given Trigeminal nerve Block by Radio-frequency Ablation. He got more than 70% relief. You can see the video in you tube on this link
51/Male suffering from pain on right heel, history of fall in 1980 from an electric post and now he is having burning pain and pain with touch (allodynia) which giving him trouble during walk. Sometimes swelling also appears in ankle. This is a classical case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He was given diagnostic Lumber Sympathetic Block which gave him more than 90% pain relief till today.

Contact no: 9820883389

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