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Mankind has undoubtly experienced pain from the beginning of time and attempts at its relief has been found throughout the history. The word "pain" comes from the Latin word "poena" which means punishment. Finding the source of pain is an ongoing mystery that still challenges us today.

William Hervey
Even by 18th century there still were two schools of thoughts on the location of pain perception: Heart versus Brain. Though, William Harvey discovered the circulation of blood in 1628, still that time heart was the seat of pain.

Melzack & Wall
The concept of pain pathway with delicate threads (nerve) was posthumously published in 1664 and resurfaced over 300 years later in "Gate Control Theory" by Melzack and Wall in 1965 for which they were honored by Noble prize.

John Bonica
drawn by Dr Shantanu Mallick
The discovery of X-ray/CT scan or MRI has let us to their applications in the diagnosis and treatment of pain as well as an adjunct to increasingly invasive pain treatment procedures. In 1947 the young Anesthesiologist, John Bonica (1917 - 94) established the first multidisciplinary Pain Clinic at Tacoma General Hospital, Washington.

Prithvi Raj
drawn by Dr Shantanu Mallick
He is the living legend or Father of modern pain management era, founder president of World Institute of Pain, who has trained lots of pain physician throughout the world. Due to his initiation.

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