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Spinal cord stimulator is a device which blocks the pain sensation by a complex mechanism called “Gate Control Theory” via small electrical wires placed in the “Epidural space” just outside the Spinal Cord.

This treatment is offered to the patients with chronic pain and severe neuropathic pain who are not responded to conservative and other treatment modality.

This is a two stage procedure. The first stage is the trial stage and does not involve any surgery. Through a specialized Epidural needle one or multiple wires are placed in Epidural space. These wires are connected with an external impulse generator which controls the pain signals. The wires are left for 5-7days and during this phase keeping his normal activity, the effectiveness of the device is assessed.

If it is successful and the patient is satisfied by the degree of pain relief, the second stage involves the placing of wires under the skin, tunneled to the battery and the placement of the battery on the side of the abdomen under the skin.

The implanted generator are rechargeable and the charging interval depends upon the amount of current required by you to feel pain-free. Recharge interval is typically 2-4wks and the generator has a minimum 5 yr guaranty but is expected to last much longer.

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